How does renting art work?

Tint provides art rental services to London-based businesses. You can access a collection of over 13,000 artworks on a rental basis without the need to purchase or maintain a permanent art collection.

  1. We set up a free consultation at a date and location that suits you. The aim of this meeting is to understand the kind of artworks that can resonate with your business culture and also understand your space requirement.
  2. You sit back and relax while our curators handpick a selection of artworks based on what we have learnt about you and your space.
  3. We present you with a project proposal.
  4. Once you have approved the proposal, we can arrange delivery and installation.

Where does Tint operate?

Our company is based in London and currently serves businesses located in Inner London. If your business is located outside London, do contact us anyway and we will try our best to satisfy your needs.

What rental terms are available?

We have two different types of rental agreement: a one-off service and an art rotation service.  With the one-off service, you can rent a collection of artworks for 9, 12 or 18 months.

With the art rotation service, you can define a total art rental contract length, an annual art rental budget and the pace at which you want us to change the artwork in your space.

What services does Tint offer to businesses?

We don’t “just” rent art. We have designed a set of services to make it as smooth and meaningful as possible. We offer a flexible art & rotate service that focuses on key areas to maximise art related benefits. It can be implemented as part of an inclusive office culture that attracts and allows talents to feel valued and to curate their own space. Staff can have the possibility to select artworks within a pool of work of arts that reflect the values of their company and will have the opportunity to rethink their meaning.

How do I arrange a free consultation?

Please simply fill this contact form and we will shortly be in touch to set up a first art rental consultation.

What is placemaking?

Arts-based Placemaking is an integrative approach to urban planning and community building that stimulates local economies and leads to increased innovation, cultural diversity, and civic engagement. Art rotations can be used to create evolutive communal spaces that maintain a high level of curiosity and interest and draw people in. When the right artworks are located in the right areas they can become a way to get people together. The selection of the art can also be a way to convey not only beauty but also a number of different values. From internationality to environmentalism, from contemporary to historic, art can be carefully selected to endorse the values of the space and its people.

What about delivery and installation?

Momart is our official art storage, art transportation, and art installation, partner. Momart has its own fleet of secure, climate-controlled art transport vehicles. Each vehicle is manned by two uniformed technicians, who are qualified art handlers, and undertake packing and installation on site as required.

What payment does Tint accept?

At the moment, we do not accept online payments.

Payments have to be made via bank transfer to our business account.

art collection

What kind of art do you have available?

Our art portfolio includes over 13,000 artworks by around 500 contemporary artists, from emerging to award-winning. Our portfolio includes paintings, photographs, sculptures, new media art, and installations. We also have a selection of large artworks that can be suitable for outdoor projects.

How do you source the artworks?

Our art portfolio consists of the collection of artworks that is under the management of Feral Horses, the Art Stock Exchange. We also have an ever-expanding network of partners.

What are the rental rates?

The rates are calculated as a percentage of the artworks fair market value. Our price range goes from £20 to £550 per artwork, per month.

Are the artworks insured?

During the rental period, the artworks have to be insured. Most basic business insurances cover art rental projects.

In case the client’s insurance does not cover the artworks, Tint will recommend a provider and, once you have approved it, we’ll arrange everything for you. 

Do you have a showroom?

No, due to the vast number of artworks we offer it would be almost impossible to display them all. Under request, we can send you a sample portfolio of art that Tint Manages.

What about framing?

If present, artworks come with their own original frames. Frames are part of the value of an artwork, and since we only manage the physical assets, we prefer to leave the artworks to their original beauty.

Can I purchase any of the artworks?

Unfortunately, no.  The artworks are own by art lovers and art investors, we simply manage the physical assets on their behalf. However, we always love to put clients directly in touch with artists. If the artist is based in London, we can even arrange a studio visit.