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Hello everybody.

Tint provides flexible art rental solutions that connect people and art to inspire action and drive results in the workplace.

Lean companies do not need lean offices! Tint helps companies to transition from a space to a place. We assist companies of all sizes who want to build a strong company culture and affirm their business values while scaling fast. Our flexible Art Rental service is designed to help business founders and HR departments to integrate art in a meaningful way.

The backbone of our strategic process is the way we curate and select artworks so it is meaningful to your business. We also change the artworks every year to make sure that we keep the interest level really high.

We are sort of the holiday planners of the art rental market as we arrange absolutely everything for you. From art curation, insurance, transportation, installation, and art handling, we have you covered so that you can focus on more important things such as, well, running your business for example!

The Challenges we can help you with

Company Culture

Your team grows and you have to effectively communicate your company’s values

New Space

Your company is moving into a new office space and you need you quickly make it “your own”

Office Turnout

Your space is not stimulating and working remotely is becoming the “norm”

Art Curiosity

You would like to include art in your space but don’t know where to start

The Benefits of Renting Art

brand identity

Using art concepts and symbology to promote a strong company culture

talent retention

Turning your workspace into a destination for your talents

creativity boost

Creating a place that welcomes big new daring ideas and is visually stimulating

flexibility first

Renting art fits an agile approach and can be quickly reinvented as your team expands